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Local E-Cigarette Store in Amsterdam

Your E-Cigarette One-Stop-Shop

Wapped is the best place you can go for e-cigarettes. Here, you can get a discount card, so you’ll have more savings and can buy more items for your vaping needs. Wapped has been providing high-quality mods, pens, atomizers, and other essentials for vaping. E-cigarettes started years ago. More smokers are switching to e-cigarettes to stop the bad side effects of smoking. If you are planning to quit smoking and thinking of vaping as an alternative, you found the perfect place to learn more about vaping, and get high-quality items to get started.

Vaping Essentials

Wapped has all types of mods, pens, and other vaping essentials. We sell only high-quality brands that can deliver great satisfaction experience to our customers. You will save money on electronics such as chargers and batteries, as we give coupon codes on products with agoda discount code for first-time buyers. It’s much better to buy the whole set from us to ensure that everything is compatible and up-to-par. We’ll also teach you how to build your mod efficiently and teach you the tips and tricks, so your mod will give a better burn for a greater vaping experience. You can also buy wholesale so you don’t have to drive every time you’ll run out of vaping essentials such as coils, cotton, and juice.

More Juice Flavours to Choose From

There is always a perfect juice for everyone. Wapped has partnered with a number of suppliers so we can have more selections at the shop. We have everything to meet everyone’s preference when it comes to juice flavours. Here is the list of juice types we have at the shop you can try: candy, dessert, drinks, pastry, fruity, menthol or minty, tobacco, and other special selections.