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Controversies of Vaping: Truth or Defamation?

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Journals and columns in the news argue whether vaping is harmful or a good alternative for smoking. Website visitors on review also check reviews and search for articles related to this topic. Let’s get on the details of these controversies and know whether they are true or not.

Formaldehyde Content in Juices

First, we need to know what is formaldehyde. It is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. It is abundant everywhere, however, too much production of formaldehyde is bad for the health. The contents of vape juices are FDA approved. They are made from food-grade ingredients such as vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol (food colouring, food flavours), water, a 2% to 6% nicotine. The controversy about vape juices having formaldehyde content is wrong. However, formaldehyde may form when the voltage setting is set to high. The normal setting is 6 to 7 watts but some vapers increase it to 14 to 16 watts which is not advisable. So, when you feel the urge to vape in dinner cruise Amsterdam Holland international, set it to 3.3 volts which is the standard setting.

Vaping Cause Lung Cancer

There have been studies about bad side effects of vaping to lungs. One of the major issues is lung cancer. This might be partly true because some juices contain nicotine. But when considering the amount of nicotine content found in vape juices versus the nicotine content in one stick of conventional cigarette, vape juice contain a lesser amount of nicotine. A typical vape juice would have 2mg of nicotine compared to conventional cigarettes which contain 16mg of nicotine per stick. Online shops like lazada and zalora offer lazada voucher for cash on delivery but also add disclaimers for people to know that vaping is a better alternative to smoking, but it may still have bad side effects.

The e-cigarette is More Dangerous Than Conventional Smoking

Sources of this information are still unverified. The truth about this controversy is not proven at all. There were medical experts who gave their opinion to give light to the whole controversy. Experts said that smoking a conventional cigarette has resulted in a high number of diseases and health complications. E-cigarette poses a lower risk because the ingredients came from food grade substances.