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Choosing the Best Mod and Atomizer

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A typical vaper may have multiple mod and atomizer depending on their mood. But if you’re planning to use your mod for long and have no plans of buying an extra set using an aliexpress coupon code free shipping, then choose the perfect mod and atomizer according to your needs.

Consider the Size of the Mod

Switching to vaping will require you to bring extra stuff. Vapers usually have a small bag where they can put their mod and juice. If you are a person who hates carrying big stuff in Amsterdam sightseeing canal cruise tour, smaller models of mods might suit you. The size of the mod may have an affect its performance. For example, smaller mod types usually have a single battery capacity which means you need to change the battery more often.

Filling and Refilling E-liquid Method

Vaping electronic mech mod and vape liquid

Atomizers have features that might suit your preference. Tank types are usually for people who hate pouring juice every time. But be careful when you are choosing tank atomizers because some of them leak. Squonker, on the other hand, is for the same group people but instead of pouring the juice on cotton, users simply have to squeeze the rubber located at the body of the mod. There are also drip types. They are for people who don’t mind filling the cotton with choose after a couple of puffs. The flavour of your juice or e-liquid might be a little bit tastier when choosing drip type.

Features Vs. Price

This part is crucial, especially you are planning to use your mod for a long time. More models are being designed to cater to the needs of the vapers. However, if you are a beginner there are just certain features you will need. Vapers we met from Amsterdam city sightseeing map trip advised that these three features are just the essentials: Heat control, regulator, easy-to-use design. Other features are just hyped that most vapers find too much. They rather choose a mode with a simple yet easy-to-use design than choosing a vape with a lot of features but complicated.